I have no doubt in the Almightiness of God who has created the aquatic animals and the ecosystem. He has made it in such a way that, man will directly be a direct beneficiary of His loving kindness.

Fish is one of the numerous creatures of God endowed with several features. It could be used as food, serve aesthetic purposes, ornamental purposes, for cloth making etc.

Just as land is to man, so is water to fish. Fishes are aquatic animals, they are coldblooded, they possess gills for gaseous exchange, fins for buoyancy, locomotion and movement. The Internet can feed you with information of different kinds of fish with diverse shapes, color, size,beauties and peculiarities and they are considered to be the beauty of the seas.

They reproduce, grow old and die but I don’t know if they use walking sticks at old age [chuckles].

There was one I saw the last time I visited an aesthetic centre, I just couldn’t keep quiet but scream out loud. Lo! It was Dolphin. Very beautiful to behold.

To the point of human consumption, fish is an excellent source of food to man. I remember those teenage days when mom always came home with fish and made delicacies ranging from Pepper soup, barbecue to smoked and dried fish. I could also remember its soothing taste and how it brought eternal relaxation to our physiognomy.

All around the globe, we have so many recipes with different kinds of fish as the main course of pleasure. The early men caught fish, smoked them in open fire, ate and felt good but now with the development in technology as well as food adventure, we have various ways of preparing fish and making it suitable for consumption. We have fish pies as appetizer, roasted fish stew as main course and fish barbecue or fried fish as dessert, grilled fish and the likes. So you see, fish is a splendid source of food for man.


Fish in ponds most times feed on mosquito larvae which are vectors of malaria, thereby preventing mosquito bites which causes malaria and invariably keep us healthy.
In as much as fish is a tasty food, it is also healthy to man. The other day I asked my aunt to enumerate the benefits of eating fish and she said fish is good for ladies who are too conscious of getting fat😀 [smiles]. She might be right because fish is low in fat, rich in omega 3 fatty acid which improves the mental ability of humans. I’ve always read in the literature that fish is also good for the heart by lowering blood pressure and preventing disease like prostrate cancer and other digestive tract infections. Life is precious and fish is a big game player when it comes to good health and sustainability.

Fishes are like old pictures you always want to keep around. They are always spectacular whether in a plate or in glass aquarium or in the wild. You can agree with me that the world would be so boring without these creatures.

Historically and Biblically, fish have proven to be useful health wise like in the case of Tobit, transportation wise in the case of Jonah ,nutritional wise in the case of feeding of the multitudes and career wise in the case of peter the fisherman.😁

Notwithstanding, Man as a mortal being has the ability to get infected by diseases likewise fish. Fish has the ability to also get others infected and this is known as zoonosis. Fish just like every other infected entity show symptoms like lack of appetite, ulceration or hemorrhage of the skin, bulging eyes[exophthalmia], weakness and sometimes loss of scale. Sometimes these symptoms are easily ignored but irrespective of the symptoms, there are major ways of preventing the transmission of these diseases like not eating or drinking while handling them, wearing of protective sleeves or gloves ,keeping hands and cloths clean at all time, covering of wounds, bruises or anywhere with breakage of the skin, isolating infected fish, above all hygiene.

There’s a usual adage, Cleanliness is next to godliness! Permit me to say the cleanliness of a fish is next to a healthy man ! Therefore, the pond or anywhere housing the fish must be kept clean and equipment should be disinfected before, during and after use.
The development in technology has constituted to various positive and negative impacts. In as much as it has overwhelming advantage, it also has a tremendous negative effect.

In the wild, fishes are predisposed to diverse dangers which include water pollution caused by industrial run offs and eutrophication. Water pollution is a major phenomenon which affect fish as well as humans. The more water get polluted, the more unhealthy the fishes get and as a result, man become affected by consuming these infected dishes.

Majority of the inorganic materials used in the farm lands like pesticides, insecticide,and fertilizers are not entirely used up by our crops,most of the chemicals are leached into the soil and these residues find their way to rivers thereby posing health risks as a heavy load on water. Due to the nature of these chemicals, man suffer indirectly from this pollution and the fish suffer directly from it.

Water pollution can be controlled by going organic because when organic fertilizers are used, it reduces the load of inorganic chemicals in the water. Waste products from industries and domestic sewage should be treated properly before disposal or recycled.

Hygiene is highly recommended, you too can take a dose of it because there’s no overdose.

Have you ever imagined a world of hygienic livelihood?
Let us therefore join hands together to keep the aquatic ecosystem clean thereby living a healthy life by keeping our fishes healthy. If we are healthy then they are healthy and if they are healthy then we are sure to be healthy.

In my next article, I’ll share insights on the benefits of growing fish without steroids.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. Nice one dearie @Mary Norbert. Learnt a lot and couldn’t stop chuckling and smiling while reading this post. You’re a good writer. Keep it up darling. 👍

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