Agrostory Brand: A blessing to African Farmers

Founded in May 2017, Agrostory has grown in leaps and bounds, meeting the various farm needs and Challenges.

The young African initiative was formerly registered with CAC under the companies and Allied matters Act 1990 on November 30, 2018 as a business operating within the shores of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with general business objective of:

👉🏽Agribusiness/ Farming
👉🏽Agro allied consultancy and training services,
👉🏽General merchandise/trading,
👉🏽Food production and processing services
👉🏽Import and Export of Agricultural produce
👉🏽General farm solutions and contracts.

Agrostory launched hunger reduction campaign in 1st quarter of 2019 to reach out to communities who are battling with daily bread as well as provide lasting solutions to the hunger menace. The campaign also educated the activated communities on responsible consumption and food production.

This gesture is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1,2, 3, 11, and 12.

In April, 2019, Agrostory convened the Healthy Millionaires Farmers’ Conference in Owerri, Imo state to further train youths who’ll be catalysts in the Agriculture industry. The best of the different Agric sub sectors were in attendance even though the then state Government didn’t embrace the opportunity.

Farmers and intending farmers have relied on Agrostory for solutions to their numerous farm challenges ranging from pest invasion, management, Farm set up, to Disease management in farms, food production techniques, etc.

We believe that the reason for agriculture is to ensure availability of healthy and cheap food all year round. That’s food security! And we’re further determined to engage our youths and farmers in a fight against hunger through trainings on Reliable, sustainable and profitable Agribusiness venture.

We’re relentless in our efforts to ensuring that every household will be able to produce what they can consume, directly or indirectly.

And since it impossible to totally eradicate hunger in this world, It is our utmost desire to take baby steps and create giant thoughts to ensure that the rural farmers are empowered by every possible means either through seed funding or farm input provisions so that they could produce for their families, their communities and the world at Large.

Farming is a culture and if the citizens take Agriculture as the new cultural heritage, food scarcity could then be effectively achieved.

The population of the world is growing at a very fast rate and little or nothing is being done to ensure food security in the next 30 years.

Small holder farmers find it difficult to get credit facilities, grants and loans. Where such is provided, some mismanage the funds provided and channel to their ever increasing personal challenges. It is worthy of note, that Agribusiness fund should be separated from Personal needs so as to achieve the purpose for which the funds were released.

We’re here again to renew our goals of joining forces with world leaders to reduce hunger and campaign against food waste and encourage responsible consumption.

It can only be God, who in times of famine in the Olden days, provided escape routes to those who trust him.

Agrostory has taken up responsibility and is ready to partner with state governments, Local government authorities, Communities and NGOs to provide training services for modern agriculture and sustainable development of mankind. We want to educate people to eat healthy foods for wellness and growth.

Starting from 2020, we’re looking forward to training youths on seed development through IITA and other government owned agricultural agencies.

We’re here to build sustainable relationship between farmers and their consumers [ the market] which is the bedrock for sustainability.

What then shall it profit a farmer if he produces and there’s no one to buy? We’re targeting the grassroots this time.

How Farmers make money will be of great concern to well meaning citizens.

Follow us on all social media platforms [@agrostorynigeria] and let’s drive the change that we desire.

Do not hesitate to send us your advice, commendations, criticisms, best wishes and partnership invitations.

agrostoryteam2017@gmail.com or reach our Hot lines +234(0)9022528687- WhatsApp,
+234(0)8149296703, +234(0)7067547935

To your sustainable farming experience, and healthy lifestyle,

E. Goodluck Uchenna Edoziem

Founder and CEO,
Agrostory Integrated Services

For: The Young Board of Directors, Agrostory Integrated Services



Founder & CEO, Agrostory

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