I have observed that “the attainment of greatness is in the power to conquer emerging obstacles”- G.E

Despite the Challenges, Nigeria has moved from a very mediocre nation to an appreciable and enviable state for which we are grateful to the Almighty God although the challenges always surpass the achievements over the years.

She has been blessed beyond human comprehension and some I begin to ponder over the numerous resources the All sufficient God has Blessed and endowed the nation with; which indeed cannot be exhausted within a donkey’s years.

Howbeit, Nigeria is still facing economic setbacks and has been ravaged by poor Leadership and political administration even though uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

We believe strongly in self sufficiency and food security just like our fore fathers who didn’t have to go through rigorous processes to attain sustainable growth.

Getting things done can be very easy if the nation completely pulls out from the miry clay of mediocrity which has made other nations of the world to look down on us and make mockery of our dear own, Nigeria!

This 59th anniversary is the best time to have a U turn and change of strategy so as to activate the necessary solutions bound on our necks for sustainable growth and Development.

Sustainable agriculture could therefore be achieved by engaging super motivated individuals, farmers and Agro-preneurs in the pursuit of sustainable development through Agriculture and providing them with necessary trainings and inputs for a reliable, sustainable and profitable Agribusiness.

We should not be oblivious of the fact that there are “resource suckers” in the agriculture value chains and addition inaugurated by the Federal and state Governments to attain Zero hunger and ensure sustainable food production; but has failed to achieve same due to personal interest; and the existence of “our-national-cake” syndrome has also blindfolded them from seeing the dangers of self deceit and abuse of public trust.

A rural/urban farmer goes to a bank to take a loan and he’s referred to go through back aching process. He endures and goes to the government public office for agricultural loans and grants and then the desk officer demands, “what’s in for me” if I process the grant/loan for you? At this point the farmer gets tired and starts to calculate; getting a loan of N1,000,000 and paying someone 200,000 Nigerian Naira for processing of the loan I’ll still pay back, what will be my balance and how can I use same for effective production? That’s how we end up having inorganic foods and farm produce that pose risks and threaten healthy living.

I wouldn’t want to say much in this episode of Nigeria’s transition from Childhood to Adulthood until the 60th Anniversary when I believe the suggestions must have been implemented.

I know there are good people in Government, everyone must not be bad anyway; but the population of the cunning and selfish politicians is always higher than the good Leaders. I could stand in the court of law and presence of the “somebody” to defend this.

Nevertheless, a candle must continue to render its light until darkness is eroded by the dawning of a new day.

If you’re good, good awaits you!

If you’re bad, well done my brother or sister, you have a reward.

While Congratulating the Nation on this great day of independence Commemoration, I appreciate the President Muhammadu Buhari and his team in various capacities for your continuous fight against corruption, economic instability and to end hunger in Nigeria through sustainable agriculture [which is my major concern anyway] and pray God to bless you all; though you have your shortcomings.

Since you can’t please everyone as a person, do the right thing, the best you can and leave the rest to God.

On behalf of myself, staff, rural and urban farmers /extension workers in Agrostory Integrated Services, we say ,
Bravo and Congratulations to our dear Country Nigeria!

Yours in true Agribusiness service,

E. Goodluck Uchenna Edoziem
CEO, Agrostory Integrated Services

God bless you, me and our dear own Nigeria while we anticipate the type of Nation/Leadership we envisioned in the nearest future !

I’m African, and change begins with me!

Thanks and God bless you for your patronage

1st October, 2019.

#Nigeria@59 #NigeriaIndependenceday #Sustainableagriculture

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