Now that you’re here, give me 59 seconds of your time.

I’m asking for this time so I can show you what I’m making every quarter from just Cabbage farming.

I just hope you’re not among those who say cabbage doesn’t grow anywhere in Nigeria apart from the Northern part.

You don’t have to believe that version of the super story. Things have changed from what they used to be to something better. With great expertise and proper guidance, you can grow cabbage anywhere in the world irrespective of the climatic zone or soil type.

The African population is increasing every year, and the demand for food is increasing every other day.

In fact, as it stands now, I haven’t been able to meet up with numerous demands for Cabbage and a few other veggies.

Since the COVID19 lockdown began, a lot of people have lost their jobs and are destitute of daily needs. Some do not even have any means of getting money and hence cannot provide for themselves.

There are also others who have money but cannot buy the necessary veggies they need to make their meal because of the scarcity. One of such veggies is #Cabbage. It is a rare, very good veggie for the brain, and the internet can feed you with lots of benefits of Cabbage #veggie.

Interestingly, there’s a vast pool of opportunities you can leverage as a Farmer or Intending Farmer; getting trained on how to grow cabbage and joining the few farmers who make it big time this period.

That’s exactly why I’m running this training. To teach you!

For some years now, I’ve been farming Cabbage and because there are just a few persons who grow this very important veggie, I’ve been silently raking in money in 7 figures and I want you to experience this. Your life needs it😄

Before now, I’ve been the regular Cucumber farmer until I found out that about 60% of salads are made up of cabbage and about 90 million African families cannot do without cabbage in their daily meals. Straight on, I jumped on it a few years ago and bills have continued to receive a settlement.

The good part of it is that there are just a few farmers who grow this veggie. This is a great opportunity for you and I’m ready to pour on you my palmy of kindness by transferring my brain to you.

Just imagine planting just one plot and raking in more than ₦300k in 120days minus your expenses. Wow, that’s huge! It’s better to learn from me, a practical farmer than the ‘Google made’ consultants 🤣.

So to help in the fight against hunger, I’m going to teach you how to grow Cabbage and make ₦300k in 120 days from just one plot of land!

I’ll let so many secrets open: I’ll teach;
– How to source viable Cabbage seeds with big heads
– How to develop Cabbage Nursery and materials needed
– Techniques of transplanting Cabbage
– Different Cabbage pests and Diseases as well as how to control them
– Best irrigation kits for cabbage farm
– Production estimates and financial projection that is, what you need to start up and your expected returns.

I’ll deposit materials that are worth more than the entrance fee to this course. If at the end of the training which will conveniently last for 10days, you feel you ain’t satisfied, I’ll guide you till you get it right. Amazing right? That’s the reason you have me.

We’re in a fight against poverty and hunger, a very serious matter.

So I’ll just go to my brain, make a photocopy of everything about cabbage farming, and transfer to you. I’ll copy it from my vast pool of knowledge, come directly to your brain, and paste it. Lol.

Listen to me, we’re flying into the Ember months, the period with the highest number of cabbage consumers. So if you produce and sell between now and February, you’d have made the best decision of your life.

In this training, I intend to make it a live video class where we interact and it comes in modules and units, each day covering one specific topic. In fact, just jump in, I can’t exhaust the content here.

This edition is an exclusive one, I only want to train 30 persons in the class. You might be lucky to be one of them.

The lessons are the bomb, super loaded sessions

See you in class.


Goodluck Edoziem
The Extraordinary Agribusiness Coach

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