Our Mission And Vision


Agrostory Nigeria is an African-based Agribusiness firm determined to proffering world class solutions to African farmers.

In Agrostory, we train youths and farmers on sustainable, reliable and profitable Agriculture using modern Good agricultural practices.

The goal is to engage our communities in the fight against hunger while providing a sustainable means of personal development and livelihood for the African youth and farmer.

In Agrostory, we’re also extension workers and a medium through which rural and urban Farmers access good Agricultural seeds and farm inputs for increased productivity.

We are solution based, and we're just a call away from reach!


Our Mission

To serve as food security catalysts providing extraordinary solutions to farmers on profitable, reliable, and sustainable Agribusiness through a Nationwide network of Agropreneurs.

Our Vision

To be a one stop solution hub for various farm related challenges, marketplace, and a centre for healthy food Production.

Our Goals

1. To be the largest producer of organic vegetables, fruits and spices in Africa.

2. To be a leading brand that shares Farmers’ stories, experiences, failures and wins to the world through our media channels.

3. To be the largest producer of Biopesticides in Africa to combat pest invasions in farms.

4. To be an extraordinary centre for Agricultural research in Africa.

5. To become the Largest producer of organically formulated natural antibiotics for Birds, livestock and fish.

6. To be a medium or channel for Agricultural investments opportunities.

7. To be a one stop centre for Agritech, mechanized farm innovations and basic Agricultural trainings.

8. To partner, collaborate and join forces with interested individuals, cooperate organizations, NGOs, and government agencies in the fight against hunger and food insecurity through empowerments of small scale farmers.

9. To be advocates of food safety practices combating the growing of low nutrient fruits and vegetables in African nations.

10. To grant the rural and urban farmers access to good Agricultural seeds, farm inputs and credit facilities for increased productivity.


1.To inspire the ” now ” generation on the need to be independent and enthusiastic Agripreneurs in the face of adverse and receding economy.

2. To sensitize the populace on the need to embrace Agriculture as one means of generational source of sustainable livelihood.

3. To socially educate farmers on safe Agricultural practices for increased annual production /yield and management of stress.

4. To activate the African homes through our wake up challenge of

#HUNGERREDUCTION – #FOODPRODUCTION CAMPAIGN which we will achieve by helping people grow their own foods directly

or indirectly through our practical trainings, Online seminars, workshops, webinars and live talk shows at strategic places and media houses.



“Love is a virtue embedded in the willingness to help people become the best they could be” -Goodluck Edoziem.
Love is our biggest driver as we create several spaces for African farmers and proffer world class solutions to their ever increasing fears.


“Transactions, Deals and sales are consistent when people do exactly what they say”. – Goodluck Edoziem
We are sincere and we keep our words!


We’re determined and prepared to scale through the diverse challenges involved in running a Global Brand like ours, with the aim of consistently meeting the needs of the people.


Despite the competition, we go the extra mile to deliver high quality products and services that’ll stand the test of a whirlwind.
Excellence is another virtue we possess that differentiates us from others, just like CALCULUS.

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